Juwai Teer Previous Result

Juwai Teer Previous Result 2021

The Juwai Teer Previous Result 2021 Updated along with 2020, 2019 & 2018

How to use Juwai Teer Old Result 2021

These Juwai Teer Previous old results can be used to calculate the new teer hit numbers. These Juwai teer common number is much useful to get success in results. Teer dream number is also another chart to use for teer.

Juwai Teer Previous Result

The Teer result is a lottery draw that has been conducted in Shillong for many years. This draws all drawings of the numbers drawn each day and is considered one of the most exciting ones in the world. Each drawing is comprised of one number from a house no, called the FR, plus three numbers from a hat called the selection number. The winners of the Teer result today chose when the person who picked the draw number in the previous draw wins the new Teer result. This is often referred to as the Teer result.

If you want to be a winner in the Teer result, then it is important to note that it is important to pick numbers that are hit number and calculated as per Juwai Teer Previous Result




01 October 2021



30th September 2021



29th September 2021299
28th September 20219911
27th September 20213867
26th September 2021NILLNILL
25th September 20217746
24th September 2021721
23rd September 20213994
22nd September 20215634
21st September 20212473
20th September 2021088
19th September 2021NILLNILL
18th September 20212223
17th September 2021NILLNILL
16th September 20214667
15th September 20211617
14th September 2021949
13th September 202179NILL
11th September 20214357
10th September 20219366
9th September 20215049
8th September 20212930
7th September 20219928
6th September 20211144
5th September 2021NILLNILL
4th September 20214482
3rd September 20218673
2nd September 2021763
1st September 20219922
31st August 202172NILL
30th August 20216676
28th August 2021NILLNILL
27th August 20211136
26th August 2021780
25th August 2021NILLNILL
24th August 20218166
23rd August 2021694
22nd August 2021NILLNILL
21st August 2021NILLNILL
20th August 2021694
19th August 2021NILLNILL
18th August 20211666
17th August 2021NILLNILL
16th August 20214757
15th August 2021NILLNILL
14th August 2021NILLNILL
13th August 2021989
12th August 20212244
11th August 20217335
10th August 20214825
9th August 20217118
8th August 2021NILLNILL
7th August 20216310
6th August 20212522
5th August 2021NILLNILL
4th August 20211528
3rd August 2021NILLNILL
2nd August 2021NILLNILL
1st August 2021NILLNILL
31st July 2021NILLNILL
30th July 2021NILLNILL
29th July 2021NILLNILL
28th July 2021NILLNILL
27th July 2021NILLNILL
26th July 2021NILLNILL
25th July 2021NILLNILL
24th July 2021NILLNILL
23rd July 2021NILLNILL
22nd July 2021NILLNILL
21st July 2021NILLNILL
20th July 2021NILLNILL
19th July 2021NILLNILL
18th July 2021NILLNILL
17th July 2021NILLNILL
16th July 2021NILLNILL
15th July 2021NILLNILL
14th July 2021NILLNILL
13th July 2021NILLNILL
12th July 2021NILLNILL
11th July 2021NILLNILL
10th July 2021NILLNILL
9th July 2021NILLNILL
8th July 2021NILLNILL
7th July 2021NILLNILL
6th July 2021NILLNILL
5th July 2021NILLNILL
4th July 2021NILLNILL
3rd July 2021NILLNILL
2nd July 2021NILLNILL
1st July 2021NILLNILL
30th June 2021NILLNILL
29th June 2021NILLNILL
28th June 2021NILLNILL
27th June 2021NILLNILL
26th June 2021NILLNILL
25th June 2021NILLNILL
24th June 20215775
23rd June 2021NILLNILL
22nd June 20215594
21st June 20211211
20th June 2021NILLNILL
19th June 2021NILLNILL
18th June 20218850
17th June 20215818
16th June 2021NILLNILL
15th June 2021NILLNILL
14th June 2021NILLNILL
13th June 2021NILLNILL
12th June 20215741
11th June 2021NILLNILL
10th June 2021NILLNILL
9th June 20212791
8th June 2021754
7th June 20216238
6th June 2021NILLNILL
5th June 2021168
4th June 2021910
3rd June 20212237
2nd June 2021NILLNILL
1st June 20218855
31st May 202138
30th May 2021NILLNILL
29th May 20216556
28th May 2021NILLNILL
27th May 20218628
26th May 2021NILLNILL
25th May 20214412
24th May 20216147
23rd May 2021NILLNILL
22nd May 20218435
21st May 20217492
20th May 202189
19th May 20218891
18th May 20219178
17th May 20212114
16th May 2021NILLNILL
15th May 2021NILLNILL
14th May 2021NILLNILL
13th May 2021NILLNILL
12th May 2021NILLNILL
11th May 2021NILLNILL
10th May 2021NILLNILL
9th May 2021NILLNILL
8th May 2021NILLNILL
7th May 2021NILLNILL
6th May 2021NILLNILL
5th May 2021NILLNILL
4th May 2021NILLNILL
3rd May 2021NILLNILL
2nd May 2021NILLNILL
1st May 2021NILLNILL
30th April 2021NILLNILL
29th April 2021OFFOFF
28th April 20215929
27th April 20213674
26th April 2021483
25th April 2021NILLNILL
24th April 20216447
23rd April 20217573
22nd April 20215111
21st April 20216135
20th April 20217247
19th April 20218126
18th April 2021NILLNILL
17th April 20218299
16th April 2021341
15th April 20217214
14th April 20212678
13th April 20219441
12th April 20218177
10th April 20213429
9th April 2021760
8th April 20212647
7th April 20218415
6th April 20211084
5th April 20217995
4th April 2021NILLNILL
3rd April 20217816
2nd April 2021NILLNILL
1st April 20215814
31st March 20216934
30th March 2021NILLNILL
29th March 20212976
28th March 2021NILLNILL
27th March 20212315
26th March 20212781
25th March 20215622
24th March 20219395
23rd March 20217553
22nd March 20214540
21st March 2021NILLNILL
20th March 20215872
19th March 20216352
18th March 20219483
17th March 2021640
16th March 20218631
15th March 2021390
14th March 2021NILLNILL
13th March 20217591
12th March 20219795
11th March 20214427
10th March 20216894
9th March 2021NILLNILL
8th March 20218462
7th March 2021NILLNILL
6th March 20211345
5th March 20217231
4th March 20219230
3rd March 20212836
2nd March 20213394
1st March 2021542
28th February 2021NILLNILL
27th February 20216176
26th February 20219193
25th February 20213448
24th February 20219482
23rd February 20215427
22nd February 20215692
21st February 2021NILLNILL
20th February 20213914
19th February 20214532
18th February 2021NILLNILL
17th February 20211514
16th February 20216443
15th February 202189
14th February 2021NILLNILL
13th February 20218482
12th February 20211987
11th February 20219948
10th February 20212974
9th February 20212633
8th February 20216328
7th February 2021NILLNILL
6th February 2021933
5th February 20219465
4th February 20218450
3rd February 20216428
2nd February 2021701
1st February 20215349
31st January 2021NILLNILL
30th January 20213729
29th January 20217145
28th January 2021186
27th January 20215546
26th January 2021NILLNILL
25th January 20217841
24th January 2021NILLNILL
23rd January 20212695
22nd January 2021578
21st January 2021599
20th January 20215860
19th January 20217735
18th January 20216371
17th January 2021NILLNILL
16th January 20218127
15th January 20215428
14th January 20211732
13th January 20213859
12th January 20219449
11th January 20216787
10th January 2021NILLNILL
9th January 2021854
8th January 2021885
7th January 20217953
6th January 20215268
5th January 20218859
4th January 20216429
3rd January 2021NILLNILL
2nd January 20215825
1st January 2021NILLNILL